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Winter Skincare

It’s December so it’s time to think about adjusting our regular skincare regime to suit the colder weather. It’s important to protect your skin against frosty air, cold winds and even rain in the wintertime as these conditions, along with central heating, can make your skin so much drier than normal. I’m recommending Neal’s Yard products as I am a consultant. 

Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising

When you are over 50, it’s unlikely that your skin is oily, although I know that some people over 50 do have skin that is still oily and prone to spots. Most of us over 50 and particularly over 60 have drier skin and, with that in mind, you may like to switch from a wash-off cleanser if you use one to a cleansing balm such as Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm. This balm can be used in so many ways – as a cleanser, moisturiser, face mask and more but I tend to use it as a cleanser with a muslin cloth in hand hot water to wash it off.

You could also try the Frankincense range with Neal’s Yard, which is for older skins needing more protection.

After cleansing, use a toner such as Wild Rose AHA Toner or the Frankincense Toner. Then under a moisturiser, you could use a serum or an oil for added moisture if you need it. I really love Wild Rose Beauty Serum, which makes my skin feel soft and glowing.

On top of the serum or oil, use a moisturiser – Wild Rose Glow Day Cream or Frankincense  Hydrating Cream are good. Don’t forget an eye cream, particularly at night.

Sun Protection

One thing we should all be using on our skin everyday, even in the winter, is sunscreen – a minimum of factor 15 but preferably 30. The sun is always there whether we can see it or not and the UV rays still reach us even when it’s cold. Sunscreen should go on top of moisturiser in the morning. Neal’s Yard don’t do sunscreen but there are many good ones on the market.

Tropic sun screen

Lips and Hands

Make sure that you protect your lips by using a lip balm or chapstick. Your hands also need protection from the elements in the winter – so hand cream is essential and wear gloves outside when really cold. 

Looking after and protecting your skin starting now will help you to both look and feel better this winter.

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