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Looking Polished

What is it that makes a person look polished or well groomed? I’m sure it’s not because they spend a lot of money on designer clothes and make-up, but can you look polished without spending a lot? Yes, you can and here are a few tips to consider:

  • Clothes – on the subject of clothes it’s still better to buy good quality than cheap clothes which go out of shape quickly and look tatty after a few wearings. You don’t have to spend a fortune on clothes – maybe save up to buy something that will look good and last a long time such as a coat.
  • Shoes – they always look more polished if they are exactly that – polished! Look after your shoes, keep them clean and have the heels and soles repaired when they need it.
  • Hair – you don’t have to colour it if you don’t want to but making sure it’s cut or trimmed every 6-8 weeks helps it look better. Blowing your hair dry rather than leaving it to dry naturally and maybe look too flat helps you to look more polished.
  • Skin – following a cleanse, tone and moisturising regime for your skin type will keep it looking smooth. A face mask and scrub once a week is a good idea too. Always wear sunscreen under your make-up as well.
  • Make-up – it’s a fact that wearing make-up makes you looked more polished and that you care about yourself, particularly as you get older. You don’t have to plaster on the make-up but foundation, lipstick and filling in sparse brows every day goes a long way to achieving the polished look.
  • Body – the skin on the rest of your body also needs moisturising regularly – it doesn’t have to be every day, particularly in the winter when it’s cold. 
  • Accessories – by this I mean jewellery, bags, scarves, gloves and hats, the latter two being worn mainly in the winter these days, a hat or fascinator worn at a wedding being exceptions. Don’t overload on accessories for a polished look – remember Coco Chanel who said always remove one accessory before you go out.
  • Nails – nails that are clean and short look more polished than nails that are overgrown or bitten. You don’t necessarily have to wear nail varnish but that is an added element to polish your look.
  • Teeth – a great smile is a winner every time but, even if your teeth aren’t perfectly straight, they can still be clean and in as good condition as possible. Twice yearly dentist and hygienist visits are a must to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.
  • Colours – last, and by no means least, always wear colours that flatter your skin, hair and eyes up by your face.

These are my 10 tips to looking polished at all times. All fairly basic and there are definitely more. What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments.

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