Hello and welcome. My name is Sally and if you are over 50, as I am, and are interested in all things colour, style and beauty related, you have come to the right place.

I’m married with four adult children and four grandchildren and I live in Gloucestershire, UK.

After spending 15 years helping at my children’s school, I decided I would like to do what I always wanted to do and train to be an Image Consultant. So in 2008 I trained in Colour Analysis with First Impressions (now Premiere Impression) and in 2012 I trained in Ladies’ Style, Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Management with the same company.

I have recently finished a course on Seasonal Colour Analysis with The London College of Style and have qualified (with a distinction) as a Colour Analyst with them.

My philosophy is that you can stay stylish and feel good about yourself at any time of life. Style shouldn’t have an age limit and we shouldn’t stop caring about ourselves as we get older, nor should we become invisible.

If you would like to have a free, no obligation chat with me about how I can help you, please call me on 07760295573 or leave a message.