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Winter Footwear

Although we’re nearing the end of January and the days are gradually getting a bit lighter, we’re still quite a long way off from spring. There is, most likely, going to be bad weather ahead and cold temperatures to deal with. Our footwear at this time of year is still important to consider as gone are the days when you went out in freezing temperatures in just a thin pair of tights and heels, which offered no protection from the elements at all. I did this when I was much younger and wondered why my feet were always cold!

Here are some of my suggestions for winter footwear, which you can wear between October and March if you want your feet to stay warm:

Ankle Boots

Choose a neutral colour in leather or suede, or even faux leather or suede, that will go with trousers, jeans or even skirts and dresses. I usually start wearing my ankle boots at the beginning of October, covering autumn and winter.

Ankle Boots from Boden

A chunky soled, warm lined, waterproof boot

Great for snowy days or when you want to go walking in really cold weather.

Boots from Pavers

A knee-high leather or suede boot

These aren’t cheap but, if looked after, will last a long time and not really go out of fashion. I can remember wearing knee high boots as a teenager. The only thing that might change is the heel height or shape. You can choose, of course, the heel height you prefer. They go with dresses or skirts and you can tuck skinny jeans into them.

Knee high boots from Boden


On days when it’s not too cold, loafers are good to wear with jeans or trousers. The Gucci loafer has become very popular over the last year or so but you can get cheaper versions such as these from Boden:

Loafers from Boden


Trainers are so popular now that surely everyone has at least one pair? Not only are they comfortable but they look current with skirts and dresses as well as trousers/jeans. 

White trainers from Boden

The above items of footwear should easily see you through the autumn and winter months. Obviously, if you are going to any social occasions then you will need appropriate shoes for that too, such as these:

Party Shoes from Boden

I will do another blog post in a couple of months about shoes for spring and summer.

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