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Colour Analysis Update

At the beginning of this year I decided that I would like to learn how to do Seasonal Colour Analysis. 15 years ago I trained to do Tonal Colour Analysis and so now I can do both systems, which are slightly different in their approach. I feel that if someone doesn’t fit into one system, they will fit into the other.

I trained online with The London College of Style and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. We learned not only how to do colour analysis and make-up colours to go with your season, but all about colour psychology too, which was very interesting. We had to submit case studies, some being easier than others to assess, but I’m pleased to say that I finally passed the course. As a result of this, I am offering colour analysis consultations again and my website is in the process of being updated.

To me, Colour Analysis is a really important thing to have done, especially as we get older because wearing the correct colours up by your face makes you look younger, fresher and more glowing. If we just wear black all the time it can make us look drab, pale and old unless you are a Winter in seasonal colour analysis, when black can look stunning.

People often say they can’t wear a particular colour. Not true! Everyone can wear ANY colour, but not every SHADE of every colour!

White items of clothing are great to wear in the summer, but not everyone suits pure white. If you you are a Winter – cool and bright – then pure white is fine to wear. Summers, Spring and Autumns need to choose ivory, cream, off white or oyster shades of white to best suit their skin tone. In the examples below I have various shades of white up against me.

As I am warm skin toned (a Spring) the ivory shade is better for me. The pure white makes me look washed out and is not harmonious with my skin tone and the others are ok but not the best

Summer white
Winter white
Spring white drape
Spring white
Autumn white drape
Autumn white

Obviously all of these choices depend on your skin tone. If you haven’t already had a colour analysis session, then please contact me .you can choose a suitable time for an appointment

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