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Stay cosy with warm accessories

Happy 2024 and we’re over halfway through January which, as everyone knows, is the longest month of the year! Here in the UK, following mild weather, storms and floods we have had a couple of weeks of very cold temperatures with snow in some parts. 

During these cold snaps we need to wrap up and stay warm and what better way to do that than wearing colours that look great next to our skin in the form of hats, scarves and gloves. Choosing colours other than neutrals for these items go a long way to help cheer us up in the winter and they will look good against your winter coat.

When choosing hats, scarves or gloves, firstly they must keep you warm. Avoid acrylic and polyester if possible and go for cashmere, wool – merino or Shetland, alpaca and mohair. Thermal linings in hats and gloves are good too and often these are made from viscose and wool. 

When choosing a colour for those items, make sure that the colour suits you and goes with your coat but doesn’t clash with other items you are wearing – too many colours in one outfit looks busy, and can look messy, so keep to two colours or three at the most. For example: a camel coat, brown trousers, brown footwear, green hat and scarf, brown gloves will look better than a camel coloured coat, brown trousers, brown footwear, green hat, red gloves, grey scarf.


Make sure the style of hat suits your face shape. Beanie hats can make your face look round and they have to be positioned quite low over your forehead to work. They need to fit your head shape too and not look ‘perched’ on top of your head not covering your ears. Try on a few types of hat to see which ones look best on you.


Lined woollen gloves will keep your hands warm in very cold weather. Some people prefer mittens but I personally find them not as warm as gloves and difficult to hold things when wearing mittens. Leather gloves that are fur lined are another option to stay warm. Cashmere is great too.


An infinity scarf or straight scarf can be worn inside or outside of your coat. A big blanket scarf is obviously better outside your coat. Why not try different ways to tie a scarf around your neck and even have a go at knitting a scarf yourself!

What ever you choose to wear – be sure to stay cosy and colourful this winter whatever the weather brings.

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