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Swimwear Tips

As summer reaches its height this month, we are more than likely planning or preparing for our annual holiday in the sun, whether in this country or abroad as in the picture above. With that in mind, we need to consider, of course, our swimwear. You may have already sorted through your swimwear but if you haven’t here are a few points to consider:

Beach holiday
  • Do my swimming costumes and/or bikinis still fit me? You may have gained or lost weight over the last 12 months, so fit is very important when it comes to swimwear. Make sure the costume isn’t riding up at the back, or the straps cutting into you. It is often better to buy swimwear a size larger than you would usually buy.
  • Do the cups in the costume/bikini support me well? If you have a larger bust this is key – it will look better with built in support than none at all.
  • Has the material faded? If your swimwear is old and has been bleached somewhat by chlorine in swimming pools or salt water, then my suggestion would be to treat yourself to a new costume. Similarly, if the material of the swimsuit has stretched out of shape.
  • Does the colour suit me? See below for some colourful swimwear for your seasonal colouring.
  • Does it suit my body shape? Ideally we should wear costumes that are correct for our body shape. See this blogpost for information on dressing for your body shape.
  • What sort of a cover-up will I need? Perhaps most of us over 50s wouldn’t go to get a coffee or ice cream just in our bikinis unless our figure was model perfect! You could wear an oversize shirt, a sarong or even a large lightweight scarf to cover up your swimwear. Just something you would feel comfortable in, but if you’ve got it then flaunt it if you’re confident enough to go without a cover-up!
  • If you feel certain areas of your body need camouflaging then a patterned swimming costume will disguise any lumps and bumps!

Some good retailers to buy swimwear from are: Marks & Spencer, Bravissimo, Coco Bay Swimwear and John Lewis.

These swimwear colours are good for Springs:

Coco Bay reversible swimsuit
Bravissimo Borneo swimsuit
Bravissimo Borneo swimsuit

The swimwear below are good colours for Summers:

Primark swimsuit
Primark swimsuit for Summer colouring
Two piece swimsuit from John Lewis
Two piece swimsuit from John Lewis

These colours are good for Autumns:

Floral Tankini from John Lewis
Floral Tankini from John Lewis
M&S Swimsuit for Autumns
M&S Swimsuit for Autumns

These colours are great for Winters:

M&S tummy control swimwear for Winter colouring
Zoggs swimsuit for Winter colouring
Zoggs swimsuit for Winter colouring

The only other accessories you need to look great on the beach or by the pool are sunscreen, a sun hat, sunglasses, flip flops, a towel, a good book and a stylish bag to carry everything in. Enjoy your holiday!

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