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Be Experimental!

It’s August, a month that I feel has a definite school holidays, anything goes, relaxed vibe to it. Even though I no longer have young children, I do have grandchildren and, often this month, things get put on hold until the start of the new school year in September. Even some businesses may be less busy than normal just because it’s August and many people are away.

With the above in mind, August is a good month to experiment with our wardrobes. We are still wearing summer clothes, as it is, of course, still summer. But let’s have a really good look at the clothes we’ve been living in all summer so far. This summer, the weather (apart from June) has been wet and fairly cool so we’re likely not wearing the lightweight clothes we were wearing in last year’s heatwave. For myself I seem to have lived in jeans and a tee shirt or long sleeved top whereas last year, I didn’t wear jeans in the summer months at all! 

Review your clothes

Lay out your clothes on your bed and see if there are any items that you could put together to wear in a new or different way.

Are there some colour combinations that you haven’t worn before?

Could you add a necklace or earrings into the mix?

Could you experiment with tucking a top into trousers or a skirt?

What about shoes/sandals – could you put different types of shoes with a dress, skirt or trousers?

Set aside a couple of hours and try things on in front of a mirror.

Why not dress for a whole day in something you wouldn’t normally wear? If, after doing so, you didn’t feel right in the clothes, you will know not to repeat that outfit combination again. Try something else another day.

Style Personality

It’s important to know what your style personality is. I have written a blog post about that here but it’s always a good idea to have in mind some words that you would like to use to describe your own personal style, such as relaxed, formal, sophisticated etc. You can then look at your clothes more objectively and put together outfit combinations that reflect those words.

I hope this is helpful and that during August you will experiment a little with your clothes – you never know what combinations you will come up with. 

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