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Adapting Wardrobe Classics

We’ve all heard of the wardrobe classics that every woman should own, such as a white shirt, a black pencil skirt, black trousers, white tee shirt – the list goes on! Many top stylists suggest these items of clothing but are they right for everyone? The answer to that is, of course, no! For a start, they are mainly classic style clothes and many of us are not classic in our clothing style. Can they be adapted to suit a Romantic style personality for example? What if your colouring doesn’t suit blacks, whites and dark navies? Let’s look at some of the items of clothing considered to be ‘wardrobe classics’ and see if we can adapt them to suit other colourings and style personalities.

Little Black Dress

Black is a colour that doesn’t look great on you if you have a warm undertone. Instead of black, you could try chocolate brown, beige, not too dark a navy, or marine navy.

For Romantic and Ingenue style personalities, rather than wearing too plain a dress, you can pretty it up with jewellery or choose a dress with ruffles, frills etc.

classic style dress
Dress from Hobbs

White Shirt/White Tee Shirt

For warm colouring, instead of white choose a cream, ivory or winter white shirt or tee shirt. This will be much kinder to your skin tone rather than stark white. You don’t have to buy an oversize shirt or tee shirt – buy one that is more fitted if that’s what you prefer. Dress up with jewellery to look more interesting or instead buy a broderie anglaise or pretty blouse if you are romantic or ingenue in style personality.

Black Blazer/Black Leather Jacket

Choose a brown or tan leather jacket rather than black for warm skin tones. Instead of a black blazer for warm skin tones, try a camel one or beige as a plain darker brown is harder to find than camel or beige. Browns, tans and beiges will go very well with warmer whites.

Breton Striped Top

Instead of navy and white, you could choose beige and cream stripe such as the above one from Kettlewell Colours

Black Ankle or Knee High Boots

Brown or tan leather is an alternative here if you have warm colouring.

Black Trousers

Navy trousers or chocolate brown are a good alternative to black. Darker colours look dressier in the autumn/winter and beige or cream in the summer.

Black bag

Again, brown or tan are a good alternatives to black and will go with all your warm coloured clothing.

There are many more wardrobe classics I could add – blue jeans, white trainers, ballet flats, trench coat, denim jacket – the list goes on. You really don’t have to have all of them if your lifestyle doesn’t warrant them. As you can see, you don’t have to stick to black but you can substitute other colours and styles to suit your colouring and style personality.

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