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Wardrobe Basics – White Trousers or Jeans

I’m continuing my wardrobe basics series and this week I’m talking about white or soft white trousers or jeans. They really are an item that will go with every coloured or patterned top in the summer and there are so many to choose from – jeans, cropped jeans, chinos, linen trousers and more. You can even wear a white top and soft white trousers or vice versa and it will look good.

If you have a cool skin tone, then pure white is better and if your skin is warm, then soft white, ivory or cream are better but it doesn’t really matter, as the trousers are on the bottom half of your body and therefore away from your face. Choose a cut and length that suit your body shape, height and proportions. For us over 60s a pair of cropped white trousers or jeans may be more flattering than shorts, but that is a personal choice.

Be sure to buy good quality jeans or trousers and make sure the material is not too flimsy or thin as white trousers can often be see-through. Nude or beige coloured underwear (not white) is best to wear with white trousers.

Marks & Spencer, Ruth Langsford on QVC, John Lewis, Hobbs and Arket are some of the stores where you can buy good quality white trousers or jeans.

Straight cropped jeans from Arket

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