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Looking presentable at home

During the last 18 months or so, many people are working from home and so when you are at home all day what do you wear? Do you look presentable? Are you the person who looks smart and put together for a Zoom meeting on the top and wears pyjamas on the bottom? If you are doing household jobs, do you wear a baggy old tee shirt and equally baggy jogging bottoms? Or do you wear a posh ball gown to do the chores in?

Of course, not many of us do the latter but I’m willing to bet that most of us do the former! If it’s just ourselves in the house for a day, we think it doesn’t matter because no-one is going to see us. However, here’s what I’ve discovered: whenever I have worn clothes around the house or in the garden that are baggy, raggy, old or not the right colour for me, I feel drab and unmotivated to do anything and even depressed.

When you are doing jobs around the home

Even if it is just you and the cat, then my advice is to always wear something that you feel good in. You don’t have to dress in your party clothes and wear full make up but, to look presentable, a simple pair of jeans and a tee shirt or jumper can be dressed up with some jewellery and some minimal make-up – all in your correct colours of course.

If you are painting or doing gardening, then put aside (or even buy) a set of clothes for each job. You can relegate old jeans, shorts or trousers and tee shirts/jumpers (that fit properly) for this, but only have one set for painting, one for gardening and/or housework. You don’t need lots and lots of old or past-their-best clothes taking up room in your wardrobe, cupboards and drawers. Also, once you have finished the job for the day, have something better to change into at the ready. You can lay it out on your bed or have it hanging up so you can see it. That way there is no excuse for not changing out of your ‘working’ clothes.

When you are working from home

If you are working from home do still wear clothes that you feel good in, rather than thinking it doesn’t matter what you wear. If you are having a Zoom meeting, it’s important to get dressed properly from head to toe and not in pyjamas on the bottom half – you never know how much people can see of you, particularly if you stand up or have to go out of the room for any reason. We’ve all heard some interesting stories of people who have shown more than they intended when standing up during a Zoom meeting!

When you are just relaxing

When you are neither working from home nor doing household work but just relaxing then there are some really nice leisurewear clothes that you could choose. Leisurewear or loungewear has become much more popular since lockdown last year and they are now very stylish as well as comfortable.

These knitted jogging bottoms from Boden with matching hoodie top are ideal for just relaxing at home in the winter.

In conclusion, looking presentable just for yourself or your family is just as important as looking good when you go and meet other people. Paying attention to what we wear, whether working from home or even on our most casual of days, is always worth it.

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