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Necklines and Jewellery to suit your face shape

It’s always good to know the type of necklines and jewellery we should be choosing to complement our face shape, thus adding to our overall style. There are three basic face shapes: Angular, Combination and Curved. These can be broken down further as follows:

Angular – square, rectangle, triangle, diamond shapes

Curved – round, heart, pear, oval shapes

Combination – some of each of the above

When assessing your face shape take into consideration your features – eyes, nose, mouth, chin, cheeks and forehead. For example, a sharp, pointed nose is angular; a more rounded nose is curved. Almond shaped eyes are more angular; round eyes are curved. Thin, straight lips are angular; full soft lips are curved. A pointed chin is angular; a soft, rounded one is curved etc.

If you have both angular and curved features and face shape, you are combination and can wear a mix of jewellery and neckline styles.


If you have an angular face shape and features your best necklines are square, v-neck or asymmetrical necklines.

V necked top from Kettlewell Colours

For curved face shapes and features, then scoop, softened v (or voop), cowl, round necklines are best.

Scoop neck top from Kettlewell Colours

For combination face shapes you could wear a v neck with a camisole underneath for example to soften it, voop, soft polo necks and nothing extremely curved or angular.

Tile print faux wrap top with camisole from Kettlewell Colours


For those of you who have an angular face, choose geometric, angular or straight jewellery such as this:

Star necklace from Hush

If you have a curved face shape, then choose circles, hoops, heart shaped and swirls for jewellery rather than geometric shapes, like this:

Mega Love Necklace from Kettlewell Colours

For a combination face shape you can wear jewellery that isn’t too angular or curvy but has both curved and angular elements like this:

Heart Necklace from Kettlewell Colours

Next time you buy jewellery, why not try looking at the shape of your face first and then make your selection based on that.

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