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Staying visible at 60 and beyond

You’ve no doubt heard the saying ‘Age is just a number’ but is it really? When we reach 60 and onwards, there is often a tendency for women to become invisible because of the way they present themselves. It is a sad fact that, as you age, you have to stay relevant and up to date with your clothing, particularly in the workplace and also for your own self esteem. When you are young, you can get away with anything – because you have a young face and that compensates for any bad dressing etc. But when we are older we can’t get away with anything. Our face and body tell the whole story and that’s fine because we have lived a life and you can’t expect to look 22 when you are 72! 

The first thing that I would suggest in order to stay visible over 60 is to have a colour analysis. It is worth the investment and finding out which colours flatter you near your face is a game changer, even a life changer. Wearing colours that do not look great on you can make you look much older, more tired and even ill – and who wants that? Once you have had a colour analysis, you will need to sort out in your wardrobe which colours are right for you and which aren’t. Anything you can’t part with but is in the wrong colour can be rescued with a scarf, jewellery or maybe a jacket or coat in the right colours. Any new purchases should be from your colour palette.

Secondly, make sure that any clothes you buy fit properly and flatter your body shape. There are other factors to consider too so a style consultation would also be a worthwhile investment.

Thirdly, skincare and make-up are important to get right in order to stay visible over 60. Make sure you have a good skincare routine using products suitable for your skin type. I recommend Neal’s Yard Frankincense range, Boots No 7 and Look Fabulous Forever but there are other good ranges to choose from.

To stay visible over 60, we also need to give out confidence and approachability. Not easy I know, but we can at least smile and be interested in what others have to say and be a good listener too. When the occasion is right, we can also give our opinion on things and advice from the many years of living we have behind us.

Let’s aim to show our best selves to the world to prove that if you are a woman of a certain age you are certainly not ‘over and out’!

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