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Are  you a scarf lover or a scarf hater? Personally, I’m the former and I have quite a number of scarves of differing weights which I wear for three seasons a year. They are a great addition to your wardrobe and can transform a plain top or dress into something more interesting. There are several styles of scarf such as oblong, square, infinity. A square silk scarf is a luxury one to have and will last for years.

Silk scarf from Wolf & Badger

Here are a few of my tips for wearing scarves:

  • As scarves are so up close to your face, make sure that they are in a colour that flatters you and doesn’t drain your face. Over the course of this year, I’ve been ruthless with some of my scarves as they weren’t the right colour for me.
  • If you like patterned scarves, try to find one in a pattern that suits your face shape, i.e. if you have rounded features and face shape choose swirls, circles and floral patterns or similar and if you have angular features and face shape go for angular prints such as geometric shapes. If you are a combination of the two in your face shape and features, you can choose either angular or rounded or a mixture.
Geometric patterned scarf from Wolf & Badger
floral silk scarf from Wolf & Badger
  • Try different ways of tying a scarf, which will change the look of what you are wearing it with. There are many videos on You Tube that will show you how to tie your scarf in multiple ways, like this one by Wendy’s Lookbook which has had over 45 million views!
  • The pattern also needs to be the right scale for you – if you are petite and tiny go for a small pattern and if you are taller and/or bigger go for a larger pattern. If you are medium scale, go for medium scale patterns.

Scarves are a great accessory and hopefully you can invest little more on a scarf as they will always look good and last you for a long time. Try John Lewis, Kettlewell Colours, Marks & Spencer and Wolf & Badger (above) for great scarves.

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