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Summer Dresses

When it comes to dresses, I find that I don’t really wear them much although I do tend to wear dresses more in the summer than the winter and especially on holiday. My usual summer default wear is trousers and a tee shirt, unlike one of my daughters, who at the last count had over 30 dresses!

When you are over 60 some dresses can make you look frumpy and old fashioned if you’re not careful, especially if they are floral or paisley patterned. It may have something to do with the length of the dress, so make sure the dress ends at a flattering length for you. This year I hope to buy at least one new summer dress as I have a few events to go to.

Above are just a few of the dresses I have seen which I quite like. Looking in my wardrobe, my tendency is usually to go for patterned dresses. However, I think that plain dresses are less memorable and you can wear them to a variety of occasions and look different every time simply by changing accessories such as bag and shoes. You don’t just have to wear a dress for a special occasion of course. You can wear it casually with a denim jacket, trainers and a basket bag for example.

If you have dresses in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn for a while, why not get them out and wear them this summer?

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