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Now that we’re well into November, there are some ways we can stay warm and cosy.

Although November is still technically autumn, I always feel that towards the end of the month it turns into winter, especially as the days are short and the nights are long and dark. Usually colder weather has started in November and I want to stay inside where it’s warm rather than venture outside. We do have Christmas to look forward to, however, so that is one good thing. What else can we do to really enjoy this time of the year, rather than dreading it?

Firstly, the key for me is to stay as fit and healthy as possible to avoid getting ill. it’s good idea to get outside every day if you can, even for a short time. The fresh air and exercise are good for us and if it is sunny so much the better.

If it is particularly cold, then wear warm clothes such as wool and cashmere, or blends of these. Layers are good to trap in the heat. Also wear good footwear and socks and a hat scarf and gloves if you need to.

No doubt you have heard the word ‘hygge’? Our Scandinavian friends have the right idea as they make their homes cosy with candles and blankets – their weather is colder than ours and their days are longer and darker.

Eat food that is nourishing such as soups, casseroles and vegetables rather than food that is obviously unhealthy.

As a person over 60, if you are eligible for any vaccinations, such as flu, it’s a good idea to have them at this time of year.

Make sure that you look after your skin in November to protect against strong winds and rain. A serum or oil underneath your moisturiser will help keep your skin smooth and not too dry. Don’t forget to still use sun screen as the sun is still there – we just can’t always see it.

A You Tuber that I watch on the subject of keeping cosy at this time of year is Benita Larsson, who lives in Stockholm. Her videos are inspirational to watch

Hopefully you will stay healthy and cosy this November and make the most of any sunshine we get!

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